EFA holster

Our company brings to your attention self-charging holsters «EFA»

Advantages of the product:

- Simple and reliable fixing of a pistol in a holster.
- The pistol in a holster is absolutely secured (the cartridge chamber is empty, a safety lock is on). While extraction from a holster the pistol is automatically removed from a safety lock and a cartridge runs into the cartridge chamber.
- It takes only 0,4 of a second to set the pistol ready for action and make a shoot.
- The whole process is easily performed with one hand. It is especially comfortable and extremely important when the other hand is busy, blocked or disabled.
- The holster can be modified for various models of pistols and pistol-machine guns.
- EFA holster is made of shock- and heat-resistant thermoplastics Armamid unique by its strength and chemical properties including high toughness, impact resistance, low constant of friction, low wear factor and working capacity when the temperature is from -60.C to +150.C. The Armamid plastic in some cases can replace metall providing high corrosion and chemical resistance, small weight and high toughness of the product.
- Models with open trigger cramp are available for pistols provided with laser target designators.